Speech continued w/ smell of baking bread
Anonymous: What are we to make of this? The performance of dark powers? What is that feeds the beast? Is it capitalism? to say yes would be too easy of an answer but to say no would surely miss the mark...We are here to tonight comrades because we could not be anywhere else...we are here because we refuse to have our identity usurped by the power of the market and the proffiteers..we stand together to say to no to identity theft..the flexible economy that has turned everything into a crass performance of it the monument on the streets or the lone actor who speaks the language that capital can understand..stand up and be silent... comrades stop so many monkeys before the organ grinders of culture...sit down and be silent and let your silence drowned out the beast that is snapping at your heals sit down and eat the bread of and be silent.

Anonymous: I think of you far we have drifted...the many miles that separate us have torn our years asunder... remember how we walked the country road in the evening..past the red hill you remember?..that it is memory that is giving way now haunts me beyond words...memory the one power that I could count whether for good or was there for me...for it is like some tangled bridge at the beginning of this young century... I try to cross into a new world..a world without memory...a world where the names are lost.. and the spirits have grown indifferent... Saint Valentine the Snow has melted and we are silent...sit and be silent...the revolution
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