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After finishing the Boat performance I found myself surrounded with all of this pink insulation foam and began to wonder what is it about this material that is so evocative? So I turned to the OED to find out what it means, literally, and here is what it says:

1. The action of surrounding by water or making into an island; the fact of being made insular. Also, an island.
2. and fig. The action of placing apart or detaching from other things; the state or condition of standing alone or cut off; concr. an insulated object.
3. The action of insulating electrically or physically; the condition of being isolated by non-conductors so as to prevent the passage of electricity, heat, or sound. Also the degree in which a body is insulated, as partial, imperfect, total insulation.

It struck me after reading this that it actual embodied a great deal of some the political malaise that has gripped the U.S. Somehow we are insulated. The other images of the Pink City in various ways deal with this sentiment.

Pink City
Pink City