Séances > Séance, v.4: Incantations for the Spirits of the February Revolution

speech continued...

My darling,, I let you go my heart torn by anxiety..what a horrible time we are living in..God has burdened you with a terribly heavy cross to bear.. I am, I suffer with you..but what can i do? Pray and pray again.. Our dear friends in the world beyond also pray for you...The situation seems to improve...Only darling, be firm. Show some authority..thats what the Russians need. You have been kind. Make them feel your fist now. I bless you and hold your poor head tightly against my breast..Do you feel my arms about you? my lips tenderly against your, inseparably?

Our cruel enemy is in the last throes and the moment is near when our valiant army in conjunction with our glorious allies will defeat it finally. In these crucial days in the life of Russia, we think we can in all conscience facilitate the union and the organization of all her forces for a quick victory. That is why, in agreement with the imperial Duma, we think it best to abdicate the throne and give up Supreme Power.

the work of the dark powers of the counter-revolution has already begun. Later, we we will tell you the names of those who are trying to spread trouble in the minds of the soldiers and to foment among them hostility to democracy and the Soviet in particular. It easier to fight the flunkies of the old regime than these political Jesuits who pretend to be friends of the people.

Match lighting & speech continue w/ Czar Nicolas II t-shirt
Match lighting & speech continue w/ Czar Nicolas II t-shirt